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  • $99.00 In Stock

    Concentrated in Original Apple water, this silky and fluid serum is a real technological breakthrough. In just one gesture, it enables hyaluronic acid pearls and gel rich in moisturizing ingredients to combine. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 28.10%

  • $64.00 In Stock

    A truly top of the range skincare, which is rich in pigment and light reflector, that ensure adequate coverage with long lasting hold. An original formula including hydrating and age-recovery ingredients to improve the skin's firmness and reduce deep and fine lines visibly. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 13%

  • $70.00 In Stock

    Banish the signs of fatigue and enliven the skin with this treatment rich in apricot extract that delivers an immediate burst of radiance. The « awakening » texture of this radiance diffusing treatment combines the freshness of a gel with the comfort of a balm and also helps to fix makeup. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 15%

  • $60.00 In Stock

    A complete treatment specifically formulated to help correct visible signs of ageing, that helps reduce deep and fine lines leaving the eye contour area looking firmer and smoother. Helps densify eyelashes and helps their growth. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 13,1%

  • $45.00 In Stock

    This Dermo-Cosmetic travel kit is the ideal partner for light bags. Controlled sizes to easily slip into your luggage or pass through customs in total peace. Micellar Cleansing Water 50ml High Vitamin Moisturizing Cream 15ml Ultimate Eye Contour Corrector 5ml

  • $45.00 In Stock

    Because it is not possible to bring all your beauty products with you when travelling, Academie has the solution! Gentle Peeling Cleanser 2 in 1 40 ml Light Fluid 20 ml Gentle Re-Hydrating Cream-Mask 20 ml

  • $80.00 In Stock

    An amazing « anti-fatigue elixir » concentrated in apricot extract that gives the complexion an unrivalled radiance helping achieve a flawless skin. Its fluid, silky and hydrating texture delivers a surprising feeling of well-being. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 17.05%

  • $70.00 In Stock

    Get the hydrated and glowing skin you dream of this season with the Flash Radiance Box! A perfect solution to recover a radiant complexion and a healthy skin! Included in this limited edition boxset is a Radiance Aquabalm and a Clarifying Vevlet Cream as a gift (Professional product in a retail version in this box exclusively).

  • $110.00 In Stock

    This box contains:  The Restorative Exfoliating Night Cream (50 ml jar) offers the skin, when it best regenerates, a multitude of benefits favoring skin renewal. The Instant Deep Line Filler (tube 10 ml free) is an astonishing treatment that smoothes and “blurs” deep and fine lines. 65,00$ VALUE GIFT FOR FREE!

  • $55.00 In Stock

    This transforming texture scrub heats when it comes in contact with the skin, helps to unclog the pores and eliminate impurities efficiently. Its enzymatic exfoliating complex helps gently removes dead skin cells. Total concentration : 47.55%

  • $107.50 In Stock

    Based on facial microneedling treatments in aesthetic medicine procedures (micro-injections of highly concentrated cosmetic actives), this unique ultra melting cream is composed of a hyaluronic acid trio and vitamins (B5, E and F) Also ideal as post mesotherapy or mesolift treatments. Tested under dermatological control. [INJECT A HIGH ENERGY COCKTAIL...

  • $112.50 In Stock

    Our highest concentration of hyaluronic acids in a serum. Formulated with 4 different hyaluronic acids, this ultraconcentrated serum with a unique, delicate and unrivalled texture will simultaneously act on the skin’s surface and retain water. Also ideal as post-injection filler treatments. Tested under dermatological control. [GIVE YOUR SKIN AN EXTRA...



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