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“Cohabitation of two worlds: dermatology and cosmetology."

Derm Acte offer real expert solutions to use in a course or preventively. Each product is formulated with an ultra-powerful active ingredient, inspired by the medical sector, allowing to get results and providing efficiency on the skin. ULTRA-POWERFUL ACTION. At the heart of the formulas, vectors able to reach their target with precision will gradually distil true concentrates of technology. These very special carriers will bring the skin all the active ingredients that it needs.

An expert answer offering an alternative to cosmetic surgery for all women who are not ready and will never be, even for a minor intervention.

Expert treatments to use at home as a cure after receiving a complete and personalized diagnostic prescribed by an accredited Académie esthetician.

Products filled with hyaluronic acid, vectorized vitamins, ceramides, tetrapeptides and tripeptides, calcium, amino-acids and much more.

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White Derm Acte, an expert skincare line, for an act on the skin to complete and optimize the professional gesture of an esthetician. Filled with Vectorized Vitamin C and Liquorice extract, these skincare products will brighten u your skin leaving it even, luminous and clearer.

A high-performance skincare range to use daily. At the heart of the formulas, ultra-powerful active ingredients, real cutaneous experts well known for their efficiency, will have a complete action to brighten the complexion and correct imperfections; they also have a moisturizing and age recovery effect.


Académie Scientifique de Beauté puts forward its expertise by offering your clients a new approach of face cabin treatments based on the expert skills of the beautician and unique methods inspired by the medical world, associated with products highly concentrated in active ingredients.

5 tailor-made expert treatments associating the recognized know-how of the Académie Advanced Research and your professional expertise.

For immediate and visible result
All year intensive exfoliating treatment. Rejuvenated skin. It is visibly younger-looking.
Specialist treatment for lines and cutaneous slackening. The skin appears lifted. It is visibly younger-looking and more radiant.
The ultimate intense moisture and antioxidant treatment. The skin is hydrated and protected from outside aggressions.
Targets adult shine and imperfections. The skin is matte. Imperfections are visibly reduced.

3 in 1 treatment: brightening, hydrating and age recovery. The skin is clearer, even, luminous and visibly younger.



Derm Acte : Dermocosmetic 

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  • $65.00 In Stock
    Tube 50 ml

    Unctuous and velvety cream-mask. It is rich in vitamins and helps the skin recover its optimal hydration level. It helps reinforce the skin and fights against the appearance of signs of aging. Ideal for a radiance effect. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 2,09%

  • $110.00 In Stock
    Jar 50 ml

    Double renovative action: helps to smoothe and exfoliate the skin’s surface thanks to a complex of acids acting during the night along with the firming ingredient for an intensive age recovery effect. Helps to reduce deep and fine lines. Helps improve skin firmness and tonicity. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 10,25%

  • $53.00 In Stock
    Bottle 200 ml

    Without colouring agents. Cleanses and removes make-up (even waterproof) from face and eyes. Cleanses without aggravating. 3 in 1 product : make-up remover, cleanser and toner. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 7%

  • $60.00 In Stock
    Nozzle Tube 15 ml

    A complete treatment specifically formulated to help correct visible signs of ageing, that helps reduce deep and fine lines leaving the eye contour area looking firmer and smoother. Helps densify eyelashes and helps their growth. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 13,1%

  • $97.00 In Stock
    Tube 50 ml

    This light-textured fluid helps to progressively diminishe the appearance of pigmentary imperfections and brightens the complexion. Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis and helps fight against skin aging. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 11,61%

  • $55.00 In Stock
    Tube 30 ml

    This treatment helps accelerate the soothing process of weakened skin. Can also be used on cracked lips, after sun exposure, after shaving... Also ideal as post-peeling, -laser or injection treatment. Fragrance free. Tested under dermatological control. BETA GLUCAN DERIVATIVE & VITAMIN LIPOSOMES COMPLEX Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients...

  • $150.00 In Stock
    Bottle with Pump 30 ml

    This long lasting serum acts on various types of lines to smooth them: deep, expression, surface/fatigue and dry lines. Upon application, it has an immediate ''lifting'' effect. Also ideal as a post-injection, radiofrequency and laser treatment. Tested under dermatological control. Ideal for: Devitalized and wrinkled skin. Lack of firmness, tonicity,...

  • $58.00 In Stock
    Bottle 250 ml

    Completes cleansing and brightens the skin after make-up removal. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 0,35%

  • $70.00 In Stock
    Tube 50 ml

    An ultra-exfoliating cream that is rich in vitamin E. Formulated with the ultimate concentrations of silica and cellulose which act together to unclog impurities, eliminate dead skin cells and smooth the skin. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 14.10%

  • $140.00 In Stock
    Jar 50 ml

    Acts thoroughly to fight against the signs of aging. Helps boost the skin and revitalizes it. Restructures intensely and helps bring back density, tone, firmness, and comfort. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 16,55%

  • $97.00 In Stock
    Tube 50 ml

    This unctuous cream helps to progressively diminish the appearance pigmentary imperfections and brightens skin tone. The skin is moisturized immediately and is plumped-looking. Helps fight against skin aging. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 13,06%

  • $98.00 In Stock
    Nozzle Tube 15 ml

    Instant anti-wrinkle effect. Acts in 3 stages to "erase" deep and fine lines: - fills in instantly, - visibly diminishes the appearance of deep and fine lines, - Helps to reduce the signs of aging progressively. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 17,5%

  • $54.00 In Stock
    Tube 150 ml

    Gently cleanses and eliminates impurities and make-up. Brightens the complexion. Total concentration in cosmetic active ingredients 5,09%

  • $107.50 In Stock
    Jar 50 ml

    Based on facial microneedling treatments in aesthetic medicine procedures (micro-injections of highly concentrated cosmetic actives), this unique ultra melting cream is composed of a hyaluronic acid trio and vitamins (B5, E and F) Also ideal as post mesotherapy or mesolift treatments. Tested under dermatological control. [INJECT A HIGH ENERGY COCKTAIL...

  • $112.50 In Stock
    Bottle with Pump 30 ml

    Our highest concentration of hyaluronic acids in a serum. Formulated with 4 different hyaluronic acids, this ultraconcentrated serum with a unique, delicate and unrivalled texture will simultaneously act on the skin’s surface and retain water. Also ideal as post-injection filler treatments. Tested under dermatological control. [GIVE YOUR SKIN AN EXTRA...

Showing 1 - 15 of 16 items


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