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    As soon as applied, this gel melts instantaneously into the skin bringing intense freshness. It immediately moisturizes the most dehydrated epidermis. The skin recovers its water supply and maintains its optimum moisture level for hours. 98,7% of ingredients of natural origin

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    Based on facial microneedling treatments in aesthetic medicine procedures (micro-injections of highly concentrated cosmetic actives), this unique ultra melting cream is composed of a hyaluronic acid trio and vitamins (B5, E and F) Also ideal as post mesotherapy or mesolift treatments. Tested under dermatological control. [INJECT A HIGH ENERGY COCKTAIL...

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    A revolutionary formula! Brings the skin all the nutrients it requires to perform at an optimal level. Helps fight against the signs of aging: lines, cutaneous sagging, lack of radiance and dehydration. 98,7% of natural origin ingredients

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    Moisturizes the epidermis intensely and long-lastingly. Has a global age-recovery action on the skin that is visibly younger-looking. Thanks to its melting texture, this care leaves the skin comfortable instantly and long-lastingly. 98.3% of natural origin ingredients

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
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