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Behind the efficiency and pleasure of our skincare products, the long scientific background and unique know-how of our Research have built our brand DNA. With over 120 years of expertise at the service of beauty, our lab philosophy has always been to offer you the very best.

Academie Beaute Canada

This is the number of years of scientific expertise at the service of beauty.

The Académie Scientifique de Beauté’s Research & Development is made up of a team of specialists who daily innovate, control and evaluate. Thanks to their knowledge, the Laboratories develop ever more sophisticated skincare products answering the most demanding consumer needs in terms of efficacy, quality and sensoriality.
Academie Beaute Canada

This is the number of raw materials included in our formulas.

From the very beginning the Laboratories have always developed products highly concentrated in actives with proven efficiency. Many performing and innocuous ingredients contained in our formulations had never been used before, which highlights the brand's pioneering spirit.
Academie Beaute Canada

This is the average number of raw materials contained in each of our products.

According to the goals to achieve, our researchers select the most efficient active ingredients in order to obtain a perfect result on the skin. Numerous tests are necessary to elaborate an optimum formulation.
Academie Beaute Canada

This is the minimum number of months to develop a new formula.

After selecting the active ingredients, the Académie’s researchers create a product with all the qualities required ensuring maximum efficiency to your skin.
Academie Beaute Canada

This is the number of tests carried out every year.

Our priorities are the quality and efficiency of our products. Thanks to a rigorous scientific process (bacteriological, stability, cutaneous and ocular tolerances, clinical, compatibility tests), each of them is tested before, during and after its development. If optimum efficacy and tolerance can be proven by the results, the product can be put on the market.
Academie Beaute Canada

This is the number of persons being part of the Research & Development team.

Researchers, formulators, quality controllers and technicians are everyday working on finding out new active ingredients, innovative textures and galenical preparations to offer you the very best of cosmetics.

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