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Notre Histoire Academie Beaute


The Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté was founded by Dr. Alexandre Lamotte. The company has been putting its expertise at the service of beauty for more than a century. From the famous « Princesse des Crèmes » or « Princesse des Poudres » without forgetting the « Rubis Pompadour », the Maison has been astonishing the whole world since it was created.

First Beauty Salon

The « Académie », as all the famous Houses do, has its own Beauty Salon located in the most elegant district of Paris at 376, rue Saint Honoré. The institute has acquired a solid reputation of seriousness and competence thanks to well-thought treatments carried out.

High Rewards

The Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté was rewarded in the exhibitions of Dublin in 1895, Paris in 1897, 1898 and 1900 then London in 1909. The brand is universally recognized!

The First Beauty Massages

Académie Scientifique de Beauté develops a piece of work on women beauty cares. This book gathers together the different beauty massages (manual, vibratory, induction, pneumatic massages...) proposed by the brand professionals.


Georges Gay, spiritual son of Alexandre Lamotte and a pharmacist, takes over the running of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. Since then, the brand soul is being transmitted from generation to generation.

First Aesthetic School

Georges Gay creates and inaugurates the first French aesthetic school, located 376, rue Saint Honoré in Paris in order to transmit his knowledge, to train the beauticians on how to carry out a skin diagnosis and to prescribe the appropriate products. The Aesthetic School will become one of the most famous in Paris and the students holding a diploma from the « Académie » will be among the most sought.

Literary Works

Georges Gay builds a real cult of beauty associated with a scientific approach. He publishes « About the Cult of Beauty », « Hygiene and Beauty » then « Precious Beauty Advice » in which he brilliantly explains what to do depending on age and skin nature. His motto: « Use products of the highest quality only, work with elite technicians only ».

Recognition Press Release

In Vogue magazine edition June 1930, you can find an attractive and eloquent Académie Scientifique de Beauté advertisement on three different treatments with their price depending on skin type, which was at that time something new.

Gold Medal

Académie Scientifique de Beauté participates in the International Colonial Exhibition in Paris: 8 million visitors (33 million tickets sold) over 6 months. The Académie stand, built in the Angkor Palace style, was given the Gold Medal by General Governor who admired the magnificence of this artistic pavilion.

Movie and Theatre Stars

The most popular women such as as the famous French actresses, Michèle Morgan, Marie Bell, Sim Viva or Marie Glory adopt Académie. Some « Guest Books » showing the loyalty of these stars to the brand have been published.

Active Hormones at the Service of Beauty

After an in-depth study of Brown Sequard and Voronof's scientific work, Georges Gay creates the « Vivormones », i.e ampoules including active hormones to apply to the skin to favour its regeneration process (first cosmetic preparation of this type ever developed). He also produces « Hormonyl » cream to use in a second step to increase treatment efficiency.

First World Patent

An important year in the international cosmetic industry, in particular for the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. For the very first time, collagen is integrated into a skincare cream formula. A discovery everybody is talking about that is besides subject to a one year worldwide patent. This is the start to the laboratory pioneer spirit.

Tame the Sun

Launch of the first suncare products, « Bronzécran Sunscreen Cream » followed by « Bronzécran Sunscreen Fluid », giving the skin optimum protection and favouring sun tanning at the same time.

First Moisturizing Treatment Foundation

Launch of the « Cover Cream » coming in different shades. An amazing treatment foundation that does not dry the skin unlike « pancakes » widely used at that time. It is very covering, then well adapted to young people to hide small imperfections (residual scars, diffuse redness, dilated pores, small pimples...).

A Brand with a Sense of Dynamism

Gérard Gay, Georges Gay's son and a pharmacist, takes over the management of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. His policy is based on renewal and dynamism making the brand a famous cosmetics company.


Launch of the famous « Hydraderm Cream ». A modern name that speaks for itself.

The First Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion Worldwide

The « Bronz'Express Tinted Lotion » is a cult product and the best seller of the brand. Its success is due to its unique and unchanged formula since it was created. The first self-tanning lotion on the market which produces a natural tan in a few hours just like a real suntan! Thanks to its tinted colour, no more unwanted streaks. Today, one lotion is sold every minute worldwide.

The First Treatment for Ultra-Sensitive Skin

Launch of the « Hypo-Allergique » range that is at that time the only beauty treatment for ultra-sensitive skin sold in perfumery able to keep its promises. At the heart of the different formulas, the « Hypo-Allergique » active ingredient has desensitizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the products is the « Nourishing Cream » including for the first time R.N.A. (ribonucleic acid) that helps slow down the appearance of lines and revitalizes the epidermis. Today « Sève Miracle » is still one of the best-selling references in our catalog. It has been patented (Patent n°6-924-981) just as the first product with collagen was before.

Family Continuity

Following the premature death of Gérard Gay, Emma, his wife who has two minor children, runs the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. She is the guarantor of the brand soul and its pioneer spirit. She is also the first one to include jojoba oil in the formulas, an ingredient that is well-known for its extraordinary properties in plant world.

Over Generations

Gérard Gay's daughter, Laurence, joins the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté as a Purchases Director. Several years later, her husband, Christophe Therme, enters the company and actively works on the development of the brand abroad that is today present in 67 countries.

Beauty Power 4

Académie is a modern and pioneer company that launches a revolutionary concept called « Beauty Quadrant », four products combined in a clever jar divided into four equal parts. Four compatible, complementary, essential and efficient treatments to fight against the visible signs of ageing.

Age Recovery Performance

A very important year with the launch of an ultra-advanced age recovery line aptly named: « Scientific System ». The Académie Laboratories are very proud of this creation that is a marvel of formulation. The products of the line are the most highly concentrated in active ingredients on the market. Results are amazing. An undeniable success!

Quintessence of Hydration

At the origin was the « Hydraderm Cream ». Then was created the « 100% Hydraderm » range with a 3-step skin action: instant hydration, long-lasting moisture and anti-dehydration. Once again, Académie is the first company replacing the water contained in each formula of this line with a 100% natural water: Original Apple Water that has an amazing affinity with the skin.

100% Men Response

After the launch of the first men beauty cream against razor burn in the thirties, Académie Scientifique de Beauté develops a line totally dedicated to them: « Académie Men ». 2 in 1 products at the service of men willing to take care of their skin.

First Subsidiary

Creation of the first subsidiary in Germany, a sign of the Académie's distribution dynamism in one of the most important European cosmetic markets.

Dermo-Cosmetic Expert Treaments

Launch of « Derm Acte » range, a meeting between two worlds: dermatology and cosmetology. Each product is formulated from an over powerful active ingredient, that is well-known by the medical professionals (hyaluronic acid, native collagen, glycolic acid, salicylic acid ...) and helps achieve optimum result and efficiency on the skin.

The 4th Generation

Cyrille Therme and Jennifer Weinfeld, Georges Gay's great-grandchildren, join the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté as Export Area Manager and Strategic Marketing Manager.

A Scientific Breakthrough

After several years of research and development, the Académie Laboratories offer a « new generation » age recovery serum: the « Marvelous Formula ». Its secret? A scientific breakthrough: a unique amazing cocktail including 57 ingredients. A product highly concentrated in actives up to 41,7% ! A cosmetic revolution that dramatically changes the skin and gives exceptional results.

New Factory and New Laboratories

Thanks to its increasing development Académie can invest in a new production tool at the cutting edge of technology and is able to meet the highest quality standards: the ISO 22 716 norm, a certification that guarantees good manufacturing practice.

125th anniversary

A first limited edition for the 125th anniversary of the Académie Scientifique de Beauté's company. The reedition of "Princess Cream", an emblematic skincare that shows the astonishing, rare and authentic story of a family company through the years, the decades and the centuries...

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