Ready, Set, Wear Masks! Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturizing Mask




Beauty masks have a traditional and flourishing history. They are known to be THE FIRST TYPE OF COSMETIC PRODUCTS in the history of beauty.


It is estimated that the Beauty Ritual of facial masks began at the time of Ancient Egypt with the QUEEN CLEOPATRA.



EMPRESS YANG GUIFEI (Tang Dynasty) used face masks similar to those we apply today: let dry and rinse.


18th CENTURY 1755 – 1792

MARIE ANTOINETTE had her own recipe of masks made of egg whites.



19th CENTURY 1837 – 1901

During the VICTORIAN ERA in Europe, it was common to add honey or olive oil to elaborate specific treatments meant for lightening the complexion, to be applied in the form of a mask.



19th CENTURY 1928

ELIZABETH ARDEN introduces a new face treatment called Vienna Youth Mask with a heating action to stimulate blood circulation.


 20th CENTURY 1941

ACADÉMIE SCIENTIFIQUE DE BEAUTÉ launches Juveniderm n° 600, a biological mask in ampoules with an immediate effect, which acts as a mask and also as a renovating active.



 20th CENTURY 1970

HELENA RUBINSTEIN revolutionizes the ancient art of masks with its famous anti-aging “brush-on peel-off” mask (apply using a brush, then remove the film).


20th CENTURY 1980 – 1990 

Face masks are mainly used to treat seborrhea troubles (CLAY/MUD MASK) or to moisturize and firm the skin (CREAM MASK).




Facial masks are very trendy: it enables to target skin’s needs and have an in-depth action.

Due to pollution, stressful lifestyle, fatigue and climate changes, the complexion is dull. The sign that time has come to do a mask to give the face an instant boost and radiance!

Académie has developed an Intensive Moisturizing Mask moistened with an over-active serum leaving the skin plumped and hydrated instantly!






Thanks to its fine cellulose fiber-based unique composition, these masks are 100% bio-compatible with the skin favoring an optimum diffusion of the actives deep inside the cells. Soaked with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and the intensive moisturizing complex, this « second skin » mask is the immediate solution for thirsty skin. In just 15 minutes, it is plumped up, moisturized, comfortable and radiant.

Masque-Hyaluronic-VF LR



A technology enabling to turn wood into cellulose fibers capable of building a « second skin sensation » mask; this material has hydrating and treating properties.

  • Excellent skin absorption
  • Hypo-allergenic fiber
  • Fine and non-sticky texture



Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid

Thanks to its very low molecular weight, this hyaluronic acid penetrates into the skin and helps to maintain the molecules of water present in the layers of the epidermis.

Aloe Vera

Retains and fixes water at an optimal level thanks to its film-forming action on the surface. Moisturizes and soothes.

Intensive Moisturizing Complex

Thanks to its NMF components (natural factors of hydration), it has a strong power of water retention that helps to maintain intense moisture in the epidermis.


  • Extremely hydrophilic
  • Microfibers very resistant and also flexible
  • Lyocell is sterile, pure and toxin free
  • 100% natural second skin mask
  • Intense moisture
  • Replumping effect



  • For all women who want an intensely hydrated and plumped up skin whatever their age, skin type and complexion.
  • Because hydration is one of the first men’s skin concerns, this treatment is for them.


Apply once or twice a week.

After opening of the sachet, unfold the mask and remove the white protective sheet. Apply the mask after cleansing the face starting at its upper part. Leave on for 15 minutes. Make penetrate the excess serum with fingertips. Do not rinse.


An easy to use SOS gesture that helps to optimize its beauty routine and to recharge your skin’s “batteries”.


Cleanse your face with make-up removers adapted to skin type.



Open the sachet. Unfold the mask and remove the white protective sheet.



Apply the mask starting at the upper part of the face. Adjust it to the face contours. Leave on for 15 minutes.



Remove the mask. Make penetrate excess serum with fingertips. Do not rinse.




With the HYALURONIC Intensive Moisturizing Mask that is THE solution for modern women, it is now possible!


Académie Scientifique de Beauté Canada

Science at the service of beauty

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Beauty Tricks & Tips for Sensitive Lips


    Sensitive Lips!

Extremely fragile, lips and their contours have many physiological features requiring specific attentions:

  • Thinner skin
  • Constant tightening of orbicularis muscles when breathing, speaking, eating…
  • Frequent dryness due to reduced secretion of the sebaceous glands and important air-water exchanges on this area increasing water loss.

Delicate and very often used, the mouth ages faster than the rest of the face.


Here are some beauty tips and tricks for your lips :




For fuller and more voluptuous lips,


Think Exfoliation

Stop biting your lips! To put an end to dry skin on lips and show off a sensual mouth, gently exfoliate them with light circular movements once a week.

Exfoliating Care





Exfoliating Care





Its creamy texture and the cellulose it contains allow a soft and gentle exfoliation of dried and sensitive lips.




For beautiful lips,


Think Hydration

A beautiful mouth means supple and moisturized lips. At the beginning of the day, apply your « 3D Lip Perfector » under lipstick and anytime a makeup touch up is necessary. Apply generously before going to bed.

3D Lip Perfector





3D Lip Perfector





The avocado oil combined with shea butter increases lip suppleness and hydration while ensuring better protection.




Play with make-up,


Dare to go Glossy

Opt for light shades close to your complexion and use a brilliant gloss for a 3D effect giving volume to your lips. The must-have product to get beautiful lips? The 3D Lip Perfector as a replumping base.








A Voluptuous Mouth



Draw the contours using a lip pencil. It is also a means to cheat with thin lips while tracing a larger outline.

Apply the 3D Lip Perfector as a replumping base and for a glossy effect. Then put on lipstick directly from the tube or using a brush.

And don’t forget to press a tissue into your lips to remove any excess and enable the pigments to set on.




For healthy lips,


Think make-up removal

To remove lipstick easily, it is recommended to apply fatty substances. Then it is best to use a special waterproof or a two-phase make-up remover for eyes.

Two Phase Make-Up Remover for Eyes




Put the product on a cotton pad and pass it on the lips while tapping.

Rinse with clear water.

And don’t forget to moisturize your lips.


Académie Scientifique de Beauté Canada

Science at the service of beauty

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Ampoules - Académie Scientifique de Beauté

1,2,3… Boost your Skin! Let’s talk Ampoules & Cures

Stress, pollution, short nights, jet lag…

Your skin reflects your way of life.

It therefore needs specific treatments at a certain point in its life!

Used by the Professionals of Beauty for years, the ampoules, real concentrates of active ingredients, help to rebalance the epidermis.


Here are some frequently asked questions about ampoules and our answers :


Beauty ConcernsPermanent, relevant to skin nature
Permanent, rebalances skin nature
Temporary, at a specific moment in your life
BenefitsComplementary to the action of your regular skin care
Specific, at a certain moment in your life
UseDailyIn course
Occasional or in course
Instructions for UseBefore day and/or night cream
After makeup removal
Before regular skin care or mixed with the daily care


The ampoule is meant for all women who want a punctual action against cutaneous imbalance that is relevant to their lifestyle and the environment.


The ampoule can be used whenever the skin needs it.


The ampoule can be used punctually or in a one week cure according to skin needs or several times a year.


The ampoule must only be mixed with your face care, your day or night cream, oil, mask, foundation.


The ampoule can be used alone after makeup removal or mixed with the face skin care.


Absolutely. As an ampoule is a concentrate of active ingredients answering specific needs, you can use one ampoule one day and another the day after depending on the moments in your life. Careful: you must not mix several ampoules.


These ampoules are a little less concentrated than those used by your qualified beautician who is authorized to use products with a high concentration in active ingredients. But, these beauty activators are enough concentrated and perfect for home-use with proven results on the skin.



Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules - Académie Scientifique de BeautéSea Collagen Ampoules - Académie Scientifique de BeautéInstant Radiance Ampoules - Académie Scientifique de Beauté

For the first time, Académie Scientifique de Beauté offers customers tailor-made beauty activators for home-use :




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Skin care for dry and cracked hands

Skin care for dry and cracked hands

If your hands are dry, chapped or rough, try this skin care for your dry and cracked hands that will give your hands their softness and smoothness back.

Your hands are the part of your body that you use the most during the day: type at the computer, cooking, transporting bags, cleaning. So, unintentionally, you expose your hands to constant “aggressions” like water, cold, wind, soil, sun, etc. With the combination of these elements, you fragilize the delicate skin of your hands; it can become dry and crack, and create small lesions.

Tip # 1 – Clean your hands with lukewarm water.

Since you probably clean your hands several times a day, use lukewarm water to do so, and use only a small amount of soap. After, rinse your hands thoroughly, once again with lukewarm water. Using hot water and too much soap will dry out your skin quicker.

Tip # 2 – Exfoliate your hands

If you have parched hands, exfoliate your hands once or twice a week, according to the season. You can use an exfoliating gel with fine grains on your hands. This skincare will make easier for your hand cream’s active ingredients to penetrate your skin.

Our recommendation: Exfoliating Shower Gel

Tip # 3 – Moisturize your hands every night with a repairing cream

Choose a hand cream with a thick texture to moisturize your hands deeply. Do a mild massage to your hands to make the cream penetrate your skin. For optimal effect, apply your hand cream and put on cotton gloves during the night. In the morning, your hands will be softer, and all the damage will be gone.

Our recommendation: Nourishing Hand Cream

If you apply this skin care for dry and cracked hands during all seasons and will help you pamper your hands while keeping them healthy and young.

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Skin care for Fall

With chilly winds and weather that are coming, it is time to take care of your skin and body before winter. Here are some easy skin care tips for Fall, for face and body, that will keep  your skin healthy and hydrated.

Tip # 1 : Use an alcohol-free toner.

Unfortunately, toners that contain alcohol as an ingredient, will absorb your skin’s natural oils. When applied straight after your skin cleanser, the alcohol-free toner will eliminate sweat, oil excess, but will refresh your tired complexion, while clearing your skin from impurities, that can form comedones or blackheads.

Our recommendation: Hypo-Sensible Toner (alcohol-free)

Tip # 2 – Use moisturizing creams.

Using a moisturizing cream during Fall is essential to maintain your skin young and healthy. During months before winter, there is less humidity in the air, that can cause dehydration and dull your skin. Your best choice will be to opt for a moisturizing cream that contains vitamins, essential oils and nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile extract.

Our recommendations : Extra-Rich Cream

Tip # 3 : Apply a moisturizing beauty mask once or twice a week.

Make sure you apply a moisturizing beauty mask about once or twice a week, according to your skin type, to keep your skin smooth and moisturized. If your skin is oily or mixed, choose a clay-based mask that will tightens and reduce dilated pores. For moisturizing masks, include it in your weekly beauty routine during Fall, since your skin needs to be nourished more during that period.

Our recommendations: Stimulating and Moisturizing MaskSoftness Mask

Tip # 4  : Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week.

Exfoliating remains an important beauty care for your skin and body, especially during Fall. This type of beauty care allows it to take the dead skin cells off your skin, that have been caused by sun, excess oil and impurities clogged in your skin. According to your skin type, exfoliate your skin once or twice a week, to purify and renew your skin. This will restore your skin’s glow and will keep it healthy. You can also exfoliate your body once a week to stimulate your lymphatic system and liberate toxins.

Our recommendations: Exfoliating CreamExfoliating Shower Gel

Tip # 5  :  Take care of your hands.

Your hands are the first part of your body to show signs of aging. Moisturize your hands every day, especially if you wash your hands often, washing and rinsing can dry out your hands. Choose a cream with a thick and rich texture, that penetrates your skin deeply.

Our recommendation : Nourishing Hand Cream

By inserting these beauty skin care for Fall in your beauty routine, not only will your skin be ready for winter, but it will remain beautiful and healthy during months of Fall.

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Best care for dry skin during summer

Even during the sunny season, your dry skin needs care. Take a look at the best skin care for dry skin during summer, to have a healthy, hydrated skin.

Prevent dryness before summer

During summer, the sun radiance is a lot more intense than any other season, the heat is more important, and expositions to the sun, sea salt, and to pools’ chlorine are more frequent. All those typical summer moments can, unfortunately, have harmful effects on dry skin : drying, radiance loss, rough patches, small wrinkles and much more. Take the lead and take action before summer starts to avoid dry skin. When spring starts, pamper your skin with moisturizing masks and creams.

Our recommendations:  Intense Protection CreamSoftness Mask

Adopt the right gestures to avoid having dry skin.

Are you afraid you will have dry skin during your vacation at the beach? After each sun exposition, rinse your skin with water, cleanse it with an neutral pH cleanser, gently tap your skin to dry it, and immediately apply an after-sun cream. These simple moves remain the most efficient to fight against dry skin and to repair skin that was recently exposed to the sun. If you take a swim in the pool, make sure you wash your face and body afterwards, chlorine tends to dry your skin as well.

Our recommendations : Hypo-Sensible Skin CleanserFace Restorative Cream

Maintain a beauty routine adapted to your skin type

During the summer, it is important to establish and adapt a beauty routine to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. After your daily skin cleansing, use a toner for dry skin, following by a moisturizing cream, with a more fluid texture, more adapted to summertime. Last but not least, don’t forget to apply sunscreen with a minimal SPF 15 each time you go out.

Our recommendations : Hypo-Sensible TonerDaily Protection Cream

These few simple beauty care will help you, not only to avoid sunburns but also to maintain a smooth, healthy and hydrated skin, all summer long.

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Care for skin with imperfections in summer

We have gathered the best tips in order to keep your skin beautiful and glowing during the summer.

If you have a skin with imperfections, like acne, comedones, or blackheads, you can be under the impression that the sun can improve your skin’s appearance. It is a mistake! The sun is what you call a false friend; this is why it is important to establish a beauty routine that you will maintain all summer long.

Tip 1 : Cleanser adapted to your skin type
Cleanse your skin day and night with warm water, with a mild skin cleanser that is adapted to your skin type. Avoid using a standard bar of soap, that will, unfortunately, will promote apparition of acne and blackheads. With a regular cleansing, you will eliminate the extra sebum on your skin’s surface. The best washing technique is to make your skin cleanser foam on your skin, gently rub, rinse your skin with warm (not hot) water and to dry it by taping with a soft towel.
Our recommendations: Purifying Cleansing Gel – Cleansing Gel

Tip 2 : Limit the beauty masks and exfoliation
If you are using beauty masks and exfoliation on your skin with imperfections, make sure you limit these beauty care to once or twice a week, max. An excessive use can irritate your skin and contribute to the persistance of acne and blackheads. Choose a mask and exfoliator adapted to your skin type, to maintain your skin’s balance during summer.
Our recommendation : Gentle Peeling Cleanser 2 in 1

Tip 3 – Moisturize !
Even the skins with imperfection and with acne do need moisturizing during the summer. A dehydrated skin will increase its sebum production, that will make acne worse. Be sure to your a non-comedogenic moisturizing cream, made for oily skins.
Our recommendation: Purifying and Matifying Care

By following these simple tips, you will establish your beauty care for skin with imperfections in summer, and your skin will be healthy and luminous.

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Take care of your skin in summer

Take care of your skin in summer

With the beautiful season at our doorstep, we have gathered tips on the best ways to take care of your skin during summer.

From a season to another, beauty care that you bring to your skin differs and needs to be adapted to the weather. Summer is no exception. Here are the best three tips to take care of your skin during summer and make it healthy and glowing.

Protect your skin :The most important element to enjoy summer without worrying about sunburns is to protect your skin while being outdoors. Find a sunscreen that will fit with your skin type and that you will apply 15 to 30 minutes prior of going outside and that you will reapply every 90 minutes according to your activity’s length. If you are going outside for a short period of time, choose an SPF 15 sunscreen. For longer periods, make sure you pack an SPF 30.

Moisturizing ! :During summertime, it can be tempting to reduce the moisturizing of your skin, since it will not look as dry as it is in winter. Adapt your moisturizing cream or lotion, by choosing a moisturizer with a smoother texture. However, should you have a sunburn, use an after-sun care product that will soothe your skin quickly and will allow it to regenerate.

Our recommendations : Moisturizing Cream Face Restorative CreamBody Restorative Milk

Regular Exfoliating : Dead skin cells can build up on your skin, render it dull, rough and dry. By exfoliating your skin once or twice a week, you will unclog your skin pores and will make your skin glowing and healthy. Choose exfoliating products with natural grains rather than fruit-acid based exfoliators that can irritate your skin.

Our recommendations : Exfoliaing CreamExfoliating Shower Gel

Add to these recommendations a healthy diet and increased water consumption and taking care of your skin in the summer would never have been easier.     

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All Skins Sample Kit

All Skins Sample Kit

Enjoy our promotion All Skins Sample Kit and try a vast range of beauty products at an affordable price!

Académie Scientifique de Beauté gives you the chance to try a great selection of its products at a fraction of the price, with its All Skins Sample Kit, total value of 45 $, for 12,95$.

Whether you have oily, sensitive or normal skin, you will find products adapted for all skin types, for each step, from cleansing to exfoliation, as well as moisturizing and beauty mask.

In addition of a free make-up pouch, here are the products you will find in your sample kit :

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Aromatherapie Sample Kit

Enjoy our promotion Aromatherapie Sample Kit and try a vast range of beauty products at an affordable price!

Académie Scientifique de Beauté gives you the chance to try a great selection of its products at a fraction of the price, with its Aromatherapie Sample Kit, total value of 45 $, for 12,95$. Pamper your skin with Académie Scientifique de Beauté’s products, recognized worldwide for their exceptional quality.

In addition of a free make-up pouch, here are the products you will find in your sample kit:

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